Dynamics of teachers’ awareness on the issues of protecting the health of schoolchildren during the ongoing sanitary and educational work during 2000–2021

Markelova SV1, Sapunova NO2, Dobruk IV2, Tseplyaeva KV2
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1 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

2 Dolgoprudny Gymnasium, Dolgoprudny, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Svetlana V. Markelova
ul. Ostrovityanova, 1, Moscow, 117997, Russia; ur.xednay@evs.avolekram

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Author contribution: all authors made an equal contribution into the publication preparation.

Compliance with ethical standards: the study was approved by the Ethics Committee of Pirogov Russian National Research University (protocol No. 159 as of November 21, 2016). Every participant provided a voluntary informed consent. In 2021, adults were questioned online on the voluntary basis. The study corresponded to requirements of biomedical ethics and posed no risk to its participants.

Received: 2022-07-25 Accepted: 2022-08-21 Published online: 2022-11-22

The issue of students’ health promotion is prioritized against the background of preserved high incidence of school-associated nosologies, occurrence of new risk factors that determine a change in the daily schedule and lifestyle, and intensification of an educational process. The implemented system of hygienic control over the valid risk factors is deprived of effectiveness due to its irrational use associated with insignificant motivation of educational process participants for its practical implementation. The purpose of this research is to examine awareness of the teachers during 20-year-long observation of dynamics while obtaining hygienic education on the issues of schoolchildren health protection. 36 and 50 teachers were included into the research in 2000 and 2021, respectively. Inclusion criteria were as follows: gymnasium teacher, time interval, properly completed questionnaire, availability of voluntary informed consent. Exclusion criteria included another professional group and place of employment, another time interval, lack of properly completed questionnaire, no voluntary informed consent. The gymnasium teachers were questioned during a dynamic study and obtained hygienic education on the issue of schoolchildren health protection. Statistica 13 PL pack was used. An increased level of teachers’ awareness during sanitary and educational work, formation of healthy lifestyle skills and reduction of a number of teachers (from 33.3% in 2000 to 10.2% in 2021) not promoting their health were noted. This results in improved effectiveness of preventive activities at educational institutions.

Keywords: schoolchildren, teachers, hygienic education, awareness, health care, prevention of visual impairment, questioning