Nutritional status and life span of humans

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Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University

Correspondence should be addressed: Ekaterina P. Melikhova
ul. Cheluskintsev, 101A, 123, Voronezh, 396006, Russia; ur.liam@9012.aniretaK

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Author contributions: Skrebneva AV analyzed literature and planned the investigation, Vasil’yeva MV collected and processed the material, Skrebneva AV and Melikhova EP wrote the text, Skrebneva AV performed statistical processing, Melikhova EP was responsible for editing.

Compliance with ethical standards: the participation was voluntary. All participants signed the informed consent form prior to inclusion into the study.

Received: 2021-10-07 Accepted: 2021-11-25 Published online: 2021-12-30
Table. Estimation of the difference in the biological age in population older than the working age depending on the nutritional factor
Note:* — significant difference in the value as compared with the subgroup of those with a normal nutritional status (p<0.05).