Health status of children and adolescents in the far eastern federal district

Gritsina OP, Yatsenko AK, Trankovskaya LV, Bodraya IS, Pozdeeva ES, Zmitrovich PA, Izbaskhanova VE
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Pacific State Medical University, Vladivostok, Russia

Correspondence should be addressed: Olga P. Gritsina
pr. Ostryakova, 2, Vladivostok, 690002, Russia; ur.liam@o0102g

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Author contribution: Gritsina OP, Pozdeeva ES, Trankovskaya LV — study concept and design; Gritsina OP, Yatsenko AK, Zmitrovich PA, Izbaskhanova VE — data acquisition and processing; Gritsina OP, Bodraya IS — statistical processing; Gritsina OP, Yatsenko AK, Pozdeeva ES — manuscript writing; Gritsina OP, Yatsenko AK, Trankovskaya LV — editing.

Compliance with ethical standards: the study methodology was compiled in accordance with the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice of the Russian Federation and the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki, it was approved at the meeting of the Ethics Committee of the Pacific State Medical University (protocol № 7 of 27 March 2023). The study involved public statistics; the research design did not envisage inclusion of personal data.

Received: 2023-07-18 Accepted: 2023-08-09 Published online: 2023-12-07
Table 1. Long-term average annual values, ranking and comparative characteristics of incidence among children and adolescents by major disease classes
Note: * — Student’s t-test at the significance level p < 0.05 – p < 0.001.
Table 2. FEFD regions with the highest and lowest long-term average annual incidence by disease classes