Assessing the sanitary and hygienic condition and organization of training at an athletic school of Olympic reserve

Babikova AS, Nasybullina GM, Danilova MA
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Ural State Medical University, Yekaterinburg, Russia

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ul. Repina, 3, Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg, 620028, Russia; ur.liam@9002aveiluc.rem

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Author contribution: Nasybullina GM — academic advising, study planning, manuscript academic editing; Babikova AS — study planning, collection and analysis, statistical processing of data, manuscript academic editing; Danilova MA — collection and analysis, statistical processing of data, manuscript writing and preparation.

Received: 2022-04-20 Accepted: 2022-05-22 Published online: 2022-06-30

To achieve high results in sports and preserve health, athletes need favorable conditions for a training process, accommodation and medical supply. The purpose of the study was to assess the sanitary and hygienic condition and organization of a training process at a school of Olympic reserve. Objectives of the study included assessment of architectural and planning concepts for the school-related buildings and premises; examination of sanitary and hygienic condition of training rooms, sports facilities, hall of residence, parameters of air thermal and light regimen; assessment of how the training process is organized and developing the activities to correct the found violations. A hygienic assessment of training and athletic premises, physical factors, medical and pedagogical observation (two types of sports) is done in the trial. It has been established during the examination that no requirements to light furniture labeling, temperature and light regimen, regimen of cleaning and storage of cleaning utensils and sanitary condition of the hall of residence are followed. Training sessions are structured and specific as far as physical activity dynamics goes. By a number of parameters (selection and arrangement of premises, class timetable and equipment), favorable conditions for education and training are created at the school. The established violations of sanitary and hygienic conditions in the school-related premises and buildings can promote fatigue, injuries and infectious diseases. A more proper medical control over the sanitary conditions of education and residence at the school is required.

Keywords: athletes, training, sports school, sanitary and hygienic conditions